Belgian Dubbel: Racking

The dubbel has been in the primary fermenter for 12 days.

With my new thermometer I’ve been keeping an eye on the fermentation temperature. Initially I was storing the fermenter in the brew closet, but the temperature was around 75F or higher, which is a little too high. I moved the fermenter to my room and since then the temperature has measured between 65F and 70F; just right.

The kreuzen blow off is pretty easy to clean from the lid, but the airlock gives me a bit more trouble. Multiple, lengthy soaks in warm, soapy water eventually do the trick. In the future, if an airlock gets dirty, perhaps I’ll try to swap it out and clean it earlier.

Evidence of active fermentation is apparent.

Racking takes 1 and 1/2 hours, including cleanup. The dubbel will spend at least 2 weeks in the secondary fermenter before bottling.

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