Brewing Batch 40 in Los Angeles

I think I know how to fix the problems from batch 39.

The schedule for this batch is going to be tight, because I just barely have time to brew again and keg this batch before I leave Los Angeles. I will only get to drink a little bit of it myself, but I don’t care, I really want to brew again, get a better handle on this equipment, and do a better job of hitting my recipe’s target values than last time.

For starters, I’ve adjusted the efficiency of my mash based on the results from the last batch. I also adjusted the boil off rate of the kettle so I’ll start with a higher pre-boil volume today to hit my target post-boil five gallons.

Now, to adjust for the fact that the whole brewery setup is on an incline, which is skewing the volume measurements, I measure the water volume that goes into the HLT by first pouring into a separate container on level ground so I start with a correct measurement. Then I transfer into the HLT. In terms of measuring liquid volume to transfer from the HLT to the mash tun all I have to deal with are deltas, which aren’t affected by the incline of the sights.


To measure the actual pre-boil wort volume I wedge a piece of wood under the kettle and with a level I adjust the wood and the kettle such that the kettle is level. Then I read the volume from the sight.


I’m looking forward to kegging and tasting this batch before I leave LA!

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